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The Sole Pursuit Performing at Brampton's Canada Day Celebrations!

The Sole Pursuit Performing at Brampton's Canada Day Celebrations! We are happy to announce we'll be performing a 50 minute set as part of The City of Brampton's Canada Day Celebrations. The performance will take place at Chingcousy Park on Tuesday July 1st at 2:30 pm on the Community Stage.

With activities galore and, of course, fireworks, Bramptonians are sure to have a ball! Kim Mitchell & Simple Plan on the Main Stage! Spend your Canada Day in B-town!

More information here.

Watch "Tunnel Metaphysics" Now!

Watch We are happy to announce that our first proper Music Video - "Tunnel Metaphysics" is now available online for your viewing pleasure. As a matter of fact you can watch it on this very page, just scroll down or click the 'VIDEO' tab. Alternately, head on over to Youtube.

We hope you enjoy this!

Very special shout-outs to our friends-turned-actors Colin Crowley, Alton Myrie, Ken Boone & Cody Dawe. Indispensable patience.

And a very special thanks to the entire crew, whose hard work impressed us all from the jump:

Directed and Produced by: Chris Hau and Lizzie Peirce
DOP: Justin Black
Art Direction: Lucy Marriott Martin
Special Thanks to: Phil No, Meredith Sherlock, Kat Webber, Julian Peter, J Mitchel Reed, Sarah Pinto, Emily Jenkins, Artem Pashkevich, Liza Ciampini, Alton Myrie, Palmer Pastor-Baranek, Nik Benn, Nando Rueda, Divi Chand, Spencer Ryerson, Peter Paik.

The Sole Pursuit to release “Tunnel Metaphysics” Music Video!

The Sole Pursuit to release “Tunnel Metaphysics” Music Video! THE SOLE PURSUIT today announces the upcoming release of their music video for “Tunnel Metaphysics” on May 23 2014. The song - taken from their 2013 debut “Opposing Force” - is a long standing fan-favorite, and directors Chris Hau & Lizzie Peirce have crafted a fun and beautifully shot cinematic narrative starring The Sole Pursuit themselves to accompany it.

Shot over 2 days in March throughout various Toronto locales, the piece plays out at a brisk pace, surveying the semi-fictional travails of a naïve band being duped. “Tunnel Metaphysics is a song that lyrically, in a very esoteric-inside-joke kind of way, tells the story of our band,” says singer/songwriter Kyle Dawe, “So it was important to us to have our first proper video speak to that experience, in a very exaggerated and hopefully funny way.”

Having recently released the follow up to “Opposing Force” – 2014’s “Ocean Floor” - for free on their Bandcamp page, The Sole Pursuit are in some ways eschewing the typical release cycle by shooting and releasing a video for a song from a record they have moved on from in terms of recorded output. This, according to Dawe, is part of a larger modus operandi for the band moving forward. “Our band has no reason to be confined by dates and promotional cycles in terms of what we release. As a band, we hope to be taken in totality, and the timing of this video is indicative of that.”

The video will be available to see on the bands official website as well as their Youtube. on May 23rd. Both “Opposing Force” & “Ocean Floor” are Available for download at Bandcamp.

Summer Live Music Night

Summer Live Music Night We are super-stoked to be joining Chris Hau, Danielle Knoll, and 20 Amp Soundchild for "Summer Live Music Night" at the Rivoli on July 4th.

Chris is an extremely talented musician and will that night be celebrating the release of his new record "Less Is More." He also co-directed the forthcoming video for our track "Tunnel Metaphysics." We are honoured to be sharing the stage with him that night.

$10 at Door
$8 Advance

Be there Toronto!

The Sole Pursuit Podcast -Episode 1 Available Now !

The Sole Pursuit Podcast -Episode 1 Available Now ! Kyle Dawe and AJ Perry from The Sole Pursuit hang out and chat about their new free EP, "Ocean Floor" and fearlessly veer into other topics such as Star Wars, The Craft, and Michael C. Ruppert.

This pilot episode is the first foray of the group into podcasting, a medium where they will be sharing music, laughs and other insights into the creative process.

Check out the first episode, and all future episodes, over at the band's soundcloud page.

The Sole Pursuit to release FREE Ocean Floor EP on May 6 2014

The Sole Pursuit to release FREE Ocean Floor EP on May 6 2014 THE SOLE PURSUIT today announce the impending release of their second EP, the 4 song digital-only OCEAN FLOOR.

The EP was produced by Mike Langford and recorded at Pawnshop Studios, in the heart of Kensington market in Toronto. Recorded with speed in February 2014, the tracks pop with an upfront urgency that very much channels the energy of The Sole Pursuit live shows. The track-list is as follows:

01. The Approaching Wave
02. Ocean Floor
03. Light, Overhead (Acoustic)
04. Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

Since the release of their debut outing, the 7 song OPPOSING FORCE, The Sole Pursuit have gigged steadily in its support. Most recently they performed as part of 102.1 The Edge Fred Fest at The Sound Academy, where they debuted much of OCEAN FLOOR for the first time.

OCEAN FLOOR will be available for download for FREE exclusively at the bands Bandcamp page on May 6th. Simply enter $0 as the dollar amount when you go to purchase the recording. It is as easy as that. Stay tuned to this page for more news about upcoming audio and visual releases, the band insists this is the first of many for 2014.

Fred Fest Photo Roundup!

Fred Fest Photo Roundup! Well folks, 102.1 The Edge's Fred Fest was an unmitigated blast! To share the stage with Hollerado, PUP, and Breached was truly amazing, Much thanks to The Edge, Fred & Mel, The Sound Academy, and everybody Else involved.

As it turns out, there were quite a few great photos taken of all bands at the show, here are a couple of links in that vein, check em out, very cool!

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Indie rock, but only in the sense that, hey, you won't feel too uncomfortable when you hear something that is decidedly just rock, or singer-songwriter-ish or straight-up pop. Their debut EP "Opposing Force" was released in 2013; 2014 will see the release of no less than 2 follow up EPs - "Ocean Floor" & "The Rate of Exchange." Lush and spare, though not always in equal measure, The Sole Pursuit.

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