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Mill Street Lights Out 2015

Mill Street Lights Out 2015 We are Very Happy to Announce that The Sole Pursuit will be performing as part of Mill Street Lights Out 2015 in Toronto, ON.

This is a very cool event for Earth Day and Earth Hour where a bunch of great acts perform across the city completely unamplified - acoustic in the truest sense.

Kyle Dawe and AJ Perry will be performing at The Stout Irish Pub at 8PM. Please check out The Mill Street Earth Day Website, official for the full schedule and more details.

Heading to Harrisburg for MMC

Heading to Harrisburg for MMC

The Sole Pursuit is happy to announce that it will be performing its first US shows in Harrisburg, PA as part of the annual Millennium Music Conference. The band will be performing on Thursday February 19th at O'Reilly's Taproom, and on Saturday February 21st at Susquehanna Ale House 22 at 12 MIDNIGHT.

Both of these shows are Free (21+), so we encourage who can to come on out and throw down with us! Check out more about the Millennium Music Conference at the event's official website.


"Opposing Force" & "Ocean Floor" Now Available on iTunes! And Many More Online Outlets!

Kyle Dawe via "The Sole Pursuit Writes":

Today – Tuesday November 4th 2014 – our EP’s “Opposing Force” and “Ocean Floor” are released via iTunes and many other online retailers and streaming services. I and the other members of the band are very happy to have our music available once again through these accessible and excellent outlets.

Now, those of you who have been following the band since shortly after its inception will be aware that “Opposing Force” was already available via iTunes for most of 2013 before disappearing without much explanation. Now, thanks to the very wonderful TuneCore, “Opposing Force” and “Ocean Floor” are again available for purchase, with proceeds going directly to the band. “But wait!” you might exclaim, “Ocean Floor was a free release! Now you want me to pay for it?!”

Well skip, the answer to that is yes. While that 4 song EP has also been available for free on Bandcamp since May, the awful truth is nothing lasts forever. If you like what you hear, or what you heard, support us and purchase a copy. If you are just totally against that, you can still stream the EP on Bandcamp, or listen to the audio via YouTube in a couple different formats.

We are not expecting anyone who purchased “Opposing Force” once to purchase it again, but if you were happy with your purchase, tell a friend. That rhymes. Jesus Christ that rhymes. Cheers, friends.

Get "Opposing Force" Now!

Get "Ocean Floor" Now!


Ladies and Gentlemen..."The Sole Pursuit Writes."

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Kyle Dawe has re-launched The Sole Pursuit's official Tumblr, now dubbed "The Sole Pursuit Writes." Head on over and check it out. This should be an interesting space to watch.

And, if you find you're in the mood, catch up on Infinite Regress too! We'd also be remiss if we did not mention the ongoing Sole Pursuit Podcast and it's companion series of recordings Podcast Sessions vol.1 - both very much worth your time.

Much and more exciting developments in the weeks ahead. "The Abyss Gazes Also."


The Sole Pursuit Enter Studio to Record Full Length Album / Announce Web-Series "Infinite Regress."

The Sole Pursuit Enter Studio to Record Full Length Album / Announce Web-Series

The Sole Pursuit are happy to announce that this week they enter the studio to begin recording their first Full Length Album with producer Mike Langford at the helm. The album will see release in the first quarter of 2015. Singer/Songwriter Kyle Dawe says that the band is excited "to share a longer story than we've previously been able to tell" with their EP's "Opposing Force" and "Ocean Floor."

The band is equally excited about the impending launch of their documentary web-series "Infinite Regress." This series will follow the band and its indivdual members while the full length album is being recorded and beyond. Count on new episodes appearing on Tube Sole Pursuit, the band's YouTube channel every Thursday. The inaugural episode of "Infinite Regress" will be available on Thursday October 2nd 2014.

Additionally, the band has relaunched it's podcast with Episode 7: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." In this episode many album details are revealed and a new, alternate, version of "Sedan" is featured. The Sole Pursuit Podcast has now been fully resumed, with new episodes being posted on the band's soundcloud every Tuesday.

Toronto, ON
The Hideout
The Unchained, Blind Race, Laugh at the Fakes
Oshawa, ON
The Atria
Brampton, ON
Toronto, ON
Cameron House
with Blackladysoul


Initially forming as an outlet for singer Kyle Dawe’s creative aspirations, Toronto’s The Sole Pursuit have grown from a solo studio project into a fiery and anthemic rock act. This year, the band is packing up its endearingly pummeling live show and taking it to cities and towns across North America. 2015 will also see the release of “Infinite Regress,” the first full-length offering from The Sole Pursuit.

All of the striking rock, punk and indie elements of the band’s music are held together by Dawe’s vocals, which can leap from Bright Eyes coo to Pixies shriek on the turn of a verse. Since the release of their debut EP – the expansive “Opposing Force” - right through to 2014’s “Ocean Floor,” The Sole Pursuit’s sound has been reaching outward to fully utilize the energy of a band onstage. This is fully realized on “Infinite Regress,” an album incorporating louder guitars, ambitious arrangements and vocals that howl out from some internal wilderness. Fans and the uninitiated alike can expect a work that demands to be heard at high volumes, whatever format they choose to play it on.

In the two years since The Sole Pursuit came into existence, the group has played many venues in Canada and the United States, performed alongside the likes of Hollerado & Pup, and released several music videos online, most recently “I Devised A Plan.” With their first LP completed, The Sole Pursuit will be spending 2015 and beyond finding new friends to perform for and new spaces to exist in; hurtling towards some fantastic horizon.

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